The Mary's Muse

Wholesale CBD Program

The Mary’s Muse Wholesale CBD program provides retail businesses and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to participate in the thriving CBD market by offering our line of premium CBD products to their customers.

Our Vision

Mary’s Muse is a proudly South African owned and operated CBD and natural health and wellness company. We are passionate about natural health products that embrace both science and nature to create effective and sustainable relief.

We believe in cultivating happiness. We get that everybody struggles with something and it's our mission to help our customers feel like a better version of themselves. By including our products in daily wellness rituals, we hope our customers find themselves one step closer to living a happier, healthier, and more balanced life.

Five Reasons To Start Selling CBD

  • For a long time CBD was nature’s best-kept secret, but not anymore. The CBD/Hemp industry is a multi-billion dollar market globally, and South Africa is seeing exponential market size growth, so the sooner you start, the better.

  • Mary’s Muse provides the gold standard in CBD products, giving you 100% confidence that you’re offering your customers a safe and powerfully effective product. When you choose to get involved with the CBD industry there is great peace of mind in knowing that you can take pride in what you’ll be promoting.

  • CBD has been deemed a “safe and effective health alternative” by the World Health Organization (WHO), and an outpour of success stories continue to solidify its presence as a natural wellness alternative for many issues facing today’s society: depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and much more. Through partnering with a reputable CBD supplier and providing your customer base with plant-powered health, you’ll be astounded by the amount of positive feedback & business you’ll begin to receive.

  • While CBD alone is an effective supplement, we believe in the power of synergy. Many of our products combine other nutrients, including adaptogenic herbs, vitamins, minerals and more to give our customers an extra advantage. With a dedicated R&D team, the pipeline of innovative, unique products will keep consumers interested, engaged, and wanting more.

  • We understand the retail environment. We offer great margins, regular promotions, and provide in-store marketing collateral to help drive sales and grow your revenues.

Selling CBD Is Easy...

Getting started in CBD is not as hard as you might think. With our experience and knowledge of the industry, we can guide you through the ins & outs of CBD before you dive in.

  • Get In Touch

    Tell us about your business and the types of products you're interested in.

  • We'll Guide You

    From choosing the right products for your audience, to understanding the legal aspects of working with CBD.

  • Start Selling!

    We'll ship you your products and you'll be ready to get started.

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