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In classical mythology, a hero is “a being of godlike prowess and beneficence who often came to be honoured as a divinity”… exactly how we like to view our flagship product, The Hero.

But, as with all Hero’s, there’s always room for improvement- a new cape, better diet, aerodynamic tights- everyone needs to update themselves from time to time.

In the middle of 2020, when the world was in viral turmoil, we at Mary’s Muse decided to use this time to reflect, re-evaluate and re-invent. We updated our packaging, registered our products with SAHPRA, moved to an FDA-approved, GMP-licensed manufacturing facility, launched our vegan CBD-infused Fruit Chews and reformulated The Hero.

The reason behind this reformulation was two-fold:

  1. We only wanted to include ingredients that come from an established, reliable and fully compliant sources (Lion’s Mane mushrooms for example, as much as we love them, are currently only grown in SA by small, unregulated farms).
  2. We wanted to introduce capsules to allow for a higher amount of super herbs to be included in each dose (only a certain amount of herbs can dilute in an oil which is limiting).

The end result… our new and improved Hero, which is a synergistic blend of cannabidiol (CBD) and six adaptogenic super herbs. Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched and specifically chosen for the unique physical, immuno-protective and mental health benefit it may offer. It’s an all-round health-boosting superstar if we may say so ourselves

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the ingredients to unpack the powerful benefits of The Hero.

Cannabidiol (CBD) (10mg/serving)

CBD is a naturally occurring non-psychoactive cannabinoid that may offer a myriad of benefits which include: improved sleep, pain relief, healthy inflammatory function, enhanced focus and clarity, and stress management.

Curcumin (50mg/serving)

The main active ingredient in turmeric shown to support a healthy inflammatory response function after exercise. Traditionally used to maintain and support healthy joints as well as a healthy digestion. Provides antioxidant activity, support a healthy response to environmental stressors and supports healthy liver function.

Ashwagandha (100mg/serving)

An adaptogen herb which may help the body adapt to stress by supporting the nervous system and adrenal glands. Used to improve general well-being when experiencing temporary stress. May help maintain healthy mood balance. Supports a healthy immune system and promotes vitality and stamina in people of any age.

Sceletium (75mg/serving)

A herb commonly used to address anxiety and depression by enhancing positive mood and cognitive function, reducing stress, and inducing calm without sedative effects. Contains compounds that act on the central nervous system as serotonin-uptake inhibitors.

Bacopa Monnieri (100mg/serving)

A herb that may protect against oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. Supports normal brain and memory function. Promotes mental clarity, concentration and focus. Enhances cognition and attention ability.

Panax Ginseng (100mg/serving)

A herb shown to promote vitality and stamina by maintaining a healthy energy balance. Supports physical endurance and the body’s natural defences against stress. Benefits mental clarity, supports cognitive function and enhances feelings of general well-being when experiencing temporary stress.

Pelargonium Sidoides (100mg/serving)

A South African herb with antiviral, antibacterial and immune stimulant properties. May be cytoprotective against viruses, inhibit bacterial adhesion to cells walls, and support the removal of mucous from the upper respiratory tract by increasing the beat frequency of cilia.

At Mary’s Muse, we believe in cultivating happiness. We understand that everybody struggles with something and so it is our mission is to help you feel like a better version of yourself. By including The Hero in your daily wellness rituals we hope to bring you one step closer to living a happier, healthier and more balanced life. 

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