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Our CBD is produced from the highest quality, organically grown hemp cultivated in the USA and combined with organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to create a fast-acting and effective supplement for everyday use.

Every batch of CBD goes through two rounds of 3rd party lab testing. The first test takes place before it is shipped to us, and covers THC/CBD content as well as testing for traces of pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals. Once our CBD has arrived in SA and is bottled, another round of testing takes place to check THC/CBD levels and ensure product integrity. 

Our CBD is extracted in a GMP certified facility using Supercritical CO2 extraction techniques. It is then imported in Isolate format to ensure, as per South African laws, that no traces of THC are present. We do however add back certain Terpenes into the carrier oil due to the additional health benefits and to enhance cell permeability.

We also make use of additional technologies when producing our CBD products;

    • Ozone (O3) is added to our carrier oil as this powerful molecule (when used correctly) not only increases the absorption and bioavailability of actives, but it also has some incredible effects on your body. 
    • Nanotechnology takes advantage of ultrasonic impulses to produce nanoparticles from macromolecules and oils/waxes/fats. This process momentarily neutralizes the net charge of molecules in a solution causing them to repel each other and evenly disperse. Nanoparticles are incredible because, among other benefits, it is extremely effective in enhancing cellular absorption rate and capacity of carrier.

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