The Importance of 100% Organic CBD Oil


The category of ‘organic’ is often thrown around flippantly when it comes to things like food and clothing, but to be considered 100% organic a product has to follow certain practices. From the moment the precious cannabis seed is planted, it is essential that its ‘home’ – its pot or growing bag – for the coming months is free of anything toxic or harmful. You wouldn’t put any pesticides or chemicals in your body, would you? So, why choose products that have been exposed to these things? It’s going to end up in your body anyways, so rather go for the safer, 100% organic CBD oil option. 

What are organic CBD products? 

Determining organic CBD products from non-organic ones all boils down to the growing and nurturing methods. We are firm believers in going back to our roots and living as naturally as possible, and the same applies to growing organic cannabis successfully. Organic CBD products are 100% free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and pesticides, and is watered with the safest, purest water. Additionally, we use organic extra-virgin olive oil as a carrier (olive oil is also good for you, by the way). Keeping things organic keeps everyone involved happy: the soil, the microorganisms that live in the soil, the cannabis plant, the person who sells the end product (that’s us) and the person who ends up buying it (that’s you!). 

Organic CBD vs Non-Organic CBD 

As mentioned, it is the method of growing the plant itself that determines its organic status. When we feed organic matter into the soil – such as an organic fertilizer made from compost – we are helping the millions of microorganisms that live there live their best darn lives. They feed on the various constituents within the soil, and then excrete (read: poop) matter that fertilizes the soil. These microorganisms essentially eat elements in the soil, decompose organic matter, and convert it into extremely bio-available plant nutrients. This means there is more organic, good stuff for the plant to absorb in order to thrive. 

100% Organic CBD also comes from cannabis that is watered with pure, filtered alkaline water that will help sustain a healthy and flourishing microorganism environment. The opposite, non-organic method is watering with water that contains traces of chlorine and other hard metals. These can kill the microorganisms and, subsequently, the plants will starve. This is why composting is so important (amongst many other ways it helps the planet) as the compost can be used in fertilizers to add lots of healthy inoculants (beneficial microbes) to promote plant health. 

Microorganisms are ‘Nature’s helpers’ for a reason, and we strive to take care of them. They are essential in the cycle of eating organic matter and then putting it back into the ground to be utilised by our special plants. 

On top of this, 100% organic CBD oil comes from plants that are free of pesticides that can very quickly be absorbed into the plant, meaning traces will end up in your body if you take the oil. Doesn’t this seem counterproductive to you? 

Organic CBD, your mind and your body

Whilst organic growing methods are a way of conscientiously protecting our planet, there are a multitude of benefits to you as the end user of organic CBD oil:

  1. It’s a sustainable option for you to invest in for your mind and body. There are no negative side-effects either short-term or long-term.
  2.  There is no downside to choosing organic CBD oil! You will only be getting 100% naturally grown CBD that will help ease your issues. No GMOs + No pesticides + Organic Olive Oil = No worries
  3. You get the glory of peace of mind knowing you made the right choice for your body and for the planet. 
  4. Organic CBD oil will get you on the path of healing, whether it’s for your pain, anxiety, stress or insomnia. 

How long do the effects of CBD last?

This is always a difficult question to answer as, with any method of healing, everyone is different. Each of our endocannabinoid and metabolic systems is different, as is our tolerance to CBD. Dosage differs from person to person, determined by things like weight and your unique chemistry. Because of this, you can adjust your dose accordingly (something you cannot do as easily with pharmaceuticals) and this is just one reason we love this fantastic, healing plant. We recommend taking the oil primarily at night for optimum results, adjusting the time you take it and your dosage according to how you feel.

Mary’s Muse Organic CBD Oil goes through two rounds of testing at superb third-party labs that will reveal anything harmful in the oil, such as pesticides and hard metals. This means you can rest assured knowing our processes are safe for the environment and for you. 

For more information on our organic CBD oil, you can head over to our products page. If you have more questions about what we do and the products we sell, our FAQ page is a useful resource. 


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