The Extraordinary Benefits of CBD Oil for the Modern Woman


The Benefits of CBD Oil 

From the stress of dealing with arrogant bosses to trying to attend all the brunches so that your friends don’t think you’re a social outcast, it’s easy for the modern woman to get sucked into a never-ending spiral of anxiety and helplessness. The pressure of finding balance (holding two glasses of wine in both hands doesn’t count) can be overwhelming and many turn to medication to help make things feel more manageable. Does this sound like you? Well, CBD oil is the perfect natural alternative and is packed with health benefits, from reduced anxiety to increased sleep quality.

What does CBD stand for? 

Two naturally occurring cannabinoids in the Cannabis sativa plant are Tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, and cannabidiol – CBD’s full name. CBD is the most studied cannabinoid out there for its long list of health benefits and acceptance as a medical treatment in many legislations. 

In South Africa, CBD is legal in products that don’t exceed the naturally occurring quantity of CBD and THC, which is 0,0075% and 0,001% respectively. What’s important to note is that, whichever process one uses to create a CBD oil, it’s virtually impossible to eliminate the presence of THC entirely. However, hemp is a cannabis plant well-known to contain high quantities of CBD with almost 0% THC and is therefore legal in most countries.

CBD and your body 

Cannabis researchers (yes, this is a job and it sounds like a dream) found in a discovery in 1988 that all living organisms with a spinal cord have in their body what’s called an endocannabinoid system. Without diving too deep into the science, our body has receptor sites that respond to all cannabinoids including CBD. When one takes CBD oil, this incredible system of ours lights up like a Christmas tree. Subsequently, this same system communicates to the rest of our body, including our brain, that it’s in a state of homeostasis, which regulates and maintains healthy organs (just in case you don’t remember this from Grade 10 Biology). A magical synergy can be created between our body and this amazing natural remedy, with the endocannabinoid system’s intricate functionality enough to turn any person into a believer of CBD and all its benefits.  

What are the benefits of CBD? 

Where do we even begin?! The benefits of CBD are far-reaching, changing many peoples’ lives and can significantly assist people like the modern woman. CBD has been known to help things such as (but not limited to):

  1. Insomnia: the calming effects of CBD make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. One way to test if the CBD oil is working for you is if you have a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Whether you’re a social hermit or butterfly, everyone could do with better sleep.
  2. Anxiety: CBD is known for treating anxiety – a condition that is often linked with insomnia – so treating anxiety with CBD oil, instead of pharmaceuticals, can help treat two conditions at once. 
  3. Pain: the most common reason people seek the CBD oil for help is because of pain and inflammation. This is a much safer solution to that creaky hip or dodgy knee compared to poppin’ pills. 
  4. Hormonal imbalances: one benefit of CBD oil is that it may help women with hormonal imbalances – a study on human volunteers revealed that CBD helped regulate the secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol. So, hopefully you will be able to stress less about stress.
  5. Serious illnesses: research indicates that CBD is a strong cancer fighter and has marked benefits for people with diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. 

We’ve all experienced the feeling of helplessness and dread when you get a bad night’s sleep, or that feeling that you just can’t take on the day because of your anxiety, or that feeling of restlessness when you try to sleep because of your anxiety – the cycle goes on and on until you’re at a stage of burnout and you just want to lie in foetal position on your carpet and ugly-cry until it all goes away. Being able to get on top of just one aspect of your life, like getting a full seven hours of sleep, will make your mountain feel more like an easy-to-climb anthill. CBD oil is the first step that many take. 

What are the side effects of CBD?

One cannot get addicted to CBD oil; one will only become reliant on it as you see it work its magic in all aspects of your life. 

However, some side effects may include grogginess, an upset tummy (but this usually goes away), and, rarely, interactions with medications such as antidepressants. Ideally, a person is looking to replace these with a more natural alternative. The best part about this powerful oil is that your dosage and routine is entirely up to you – it’s your body, so choose what works and feels best. 

We could go on and on about this life-changing product and the many successful cases of people who feel their life has taken on a new meaning. For more information on CBD oil and its benefits, contact us or have a read of our other blogs

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