Nanoemulsions & CBD: All you need to know


Just seeing the prefix “Nano” might make your brain do a U-turn and focus on a more easily understandable topic.

Bear with us though, the nano-word isn’t actually that incomprehensible, in fact, it is super interesting and relevant to our culture of “instant gratification”.

As you may know, cannabis contains cannabinoids like CBD and THC. What you may not know is that these cannabinoids are fat-soluble, meaning they do not dissolve in water. Why does this matter you might ask? Because fat-soluble particles take longer to absorb (and thus longer to have an effect on you) because they travel through the small intestines and are distributed through the body in the bloodstream. Water-soluble particles, on the other hand, are readily absorbed into tissues for immediate use and thus have a more rapid effect at lower doses. 

Enter Nanoemulsion… the innovative technology which allows fat-soluble particles to be transformed into water-soluble particles. Magic! 

Through nanoemulsion, CBD particles can be broken down to a microscopic level and then suspended in an emulsion which makes them appear to be water-soluble. The net result? Faster absorption and more rapid onset of action. 

This process isn’t new, however, the pharmaceutical industry has been using nanoemulsions for decades to deliver various drugs quickly and effectively. The good news for CBD fans is that through this technique we are able to amplify the effectiveness of cannabis edibles, whether it be tinctures, gummies, sprays, or drinks. In fact, nanoemulsion will ensure that you’re getting four to six times more CBD into your bloodstream than you would with normal products. Oral administration of cannabis (in other words ingesting it) is one of the most convenient routes for many people. This is especially true of those who don’t want to smoke or vape. 

According to Dr. Alexey Peshokovsky, a chemist who is also president of Industrial Sonomechanics, which sells machines that can make nanoemulsions, “Nanoemulsions are more like injections, they come in quickly. After 15 minutes the onset of action kicks in, after 30 minutes it’s clearly in.” 

The legal cannabis market already has a handful of companies employing nanoemulsions in their recipes. At Mary’s Muse we are using nanoemulsion in our existing product range of The Hero, 1000mg and 250mg CBD Oils as well our soon-to-be-launched range of CBD mouth sprays which will deliver a specific dose of CBD, vitamins, minerals herbs and extracts to benefit your health and wellness. 

Thanks to the effectiveness of nanoemulsion in making cannabinoids effectively water-soluble, a bright future for potent edibles and other orally-administered cannabinoids such as sprays and cannabis-infused drinks is assured. Thank you science, we owe you one!

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