5 Questions to ask before buying CBD


So you are considering CBD? Well done… You have taken the first step along with your path to health and happiness. But we know that with a multitude of options on the market and regulations that are still being defined, it can be a little bit scary deciding which brand or product to start with.

Below you will find 5 questions you should be able to answer before making your first purchase. 

1. How do I know it is of good quality? 

Any reputable product or brand should be able to produce a batch-specific COA (certificate of analysis from a third-party lab. On this COA, you will be able to get confirmation of the concentration of cannabinoids - of specific interest is CBD and THC. In South Africa, legal CBD products need to contain no more than 0.001% THC. 

Did you know: Every batch of our CBD goes through two rounds of third-party lab testing - checking both the raw product and then the bottled product. We take no chances when it comes to your health and happiness! 

2. How do I know if the product is pure? 

Remember that COA we mentioned in the previous point? That should also show you important information on the levels of contaminants and solvents. Cannabis and hemp are known as Hyperaccumulators - plants that clean the soil and environment of pollutants and chemicals. Any plant destined for human consumption should be tested for chemicals and chemicals. You should also be looking for tests on solvents that are used in the extraction process. 

Did you know: The has been a rise of synthetic cannabinoids being produced and sold as natural cannabinoids. It is more important than ever to find a source you can trust! 

3. False Claims

Is the brand promising to cure cancer, make your hair grow back and/or bring your lost lover back from the dead - beware! Not only is it immoral but it is illegal to make promises about what CBD can deliver as legal guidelines are put in place to protect you the consumer. Yes, this plant is amazing and studies continue to show positive results but it is still early days. We are all learning about our bodies and how we react to the many cannabinoids found in Cannabis and Hemp. 

Pro tip: A great place to start when looking into a new brand or product is customer reviews and testimonials to see if they are reputable and to see how and what consumers have been using the product for. 

4. What is inside the bottle? 

Yes, it is always important to know what you’re putting into your body. Have a look at how clearly the ingredients are listed on the bottle (or online). If you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce any, Google them and find out if they’re safe or not. 

Did you know: Our hemp is sourced from farmers who are as passionate about ethical and sustainable farming practises as we are. All our products are organic and GMO-free! 

5. What strength should I buy? 

When deciding on the strength of the product you purchase you should consider both what ailment or condition you are treating as well as how long you want the bottle to last. While lower strength may be cheaper - you often end up needing more and go through a bottle quicker. We do always, however, recommend starting slow and building up your dosage as required. Give yourself a week or two on a low dose to see how you respond to the CBD and increase from there. 

Pro Tip: Using our 1000mg CBD Oil at the legal daily limit for South Africa of 20mg/day you will get just under 2 months’ worth of usage out of a bottle. 

Where to buy CBD? 

CBD is now readily available at Pharmacies and Health stores countrywide, and yes you guessed it, you can now buy CBD online in South Africa. We deliver our all-natural, third party tested CBD products countrywide, for free. Visit our online store and browse our Mary’s Muse product range. 

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